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Regardless of if you teach online with VIPKID or another online teaching company, teaching classes via Zoom is TOUGH — ESPECIALLY when your teaching ESL to Kindergarten kiddos. Teaching ESL to Kindergarten aged children is difficult enough in person, so doing it through Zoom can almost feel impossible.

I am still teaching all of my Kindergarten ESL classes in-person in Portugal, but there is always the possibility of schools closing with the recent second wave of the Coronavirus currently hitting Europe. I have also just begun teaching private Zoom lessons to one of my Kindergarten students who has chosen to…

When I first got my TEFL certification I never imagined myself running after 4-year-olds in a Preschool classroom pretending to be a hungry shark on the hunt. I knew I wanted to teach children, but I didn’t know that you could even teach English to Kindergarten or Preschool aged kids. Eager to begin my TEFL career, I began teaching English to Elementary-aged children in China online through the company VIPKID but was dreaming of the in-person experience of working in a school.

I was living in Barcelona at the time and wanted to stay there, so I applied to become…

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